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$5 Specials

Two Specialty Tier 2 Donuts

Two Specialty Tier 2 DonutsSweet Retreat Donuts$5

Choice of any two Specialty Tier 2 Donuts.

Cali Milk Tea with Boba

Cali Milk Tea with BobaCaliTea$5

Cali Milk Tea with Boba. Our classic flavor brewed to order!

Cali Thai Tea with Boba

Cali Thai Tea with BobaCaliTea$5

Cali Thai Tea with Boba.

$10 Specials

8 pc Wings

8 pc WingsShlap Muan$10

8 pc wings any flavor from our original signature dry seasoning and sauces.

$15 Specials

10 pc Dirty Elvis Wings

10 pc Dirty Elvis WingsShlap Muan$15

10 pc Dirty Elvis Wings. Made when ordered, violently tended to bring out rich caramel and 'kiss of the flame' flavors only a wok and high heat can obtain. Sweet, smoky, savory, yummy, everything nice.

Nom P’ang Sandwich

Nom P’ang Sandwich Battambong BBQ$15

Our famous Nom P’ang has slices of 17 hour smoked brisket, aioli, Chad’s Famous BBQ Sauce, organic green papaya and carrots slaw, jalapeño, and topped with fresh cilantro.

Smoked Brisket Kuytier

Smoked Brisket Kuytier Battambong BBQ$15

Smoked Brisket Kuytier with brisket smoked 17 hours.

Grilled Beef Stick Plate

Grilled Beef Stick PlateBattambong BBQ$15

Our Battambong Beef Sticks comes with four skewers, papaya salad, Cambodian coconut corn, and garlic noodles.

Khmer Lemongrass Steak

Khmer Lemongrass SteakMealsDotKom$15

AVAILABLE MONDAY- WEDNESDAY ONLY. Khmer Lemongrass Steak Grilled steak marinated in Cambodian inspired lemongrass and herb marinade. Served with jasmine white rice and charred bell peppers and onions, cilantro, and tuk trey (chili garlic fish sauce). Order on-line.

Khmer Char Steak

Khmer Char SteakMealsDotKom$15

AVAILABLE MONDAY- WEDNESDAY ONLY. Grilled chicken thigh on a bed of fresh chopped kale, chopped carrots, and a side of garlic brown rice. A Cambodian marinade inspired by a recipe passed down through family BBQs in the LBC.. Order on-line.

$20 Specials

Multi Course Meal

Multi Course MealLittle La Lune$20

OPEN FOR BREAKFAST AND LUNCH ONLY. Beef Lok Lak on Rice - Marinated Chunk Beef, Slice Onion, Tomato, Cucumber, Served with Lemon Salt Pepper Sauce. Plus Soup with Pork Bone. Plus Cambodian Donut with choice of Thai Iced Tea or Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk.

Khmer Lemongrass Burger

Khmer Lemongrass BurgerMealsDotKom$20

AVAILABLE MONDAY- WEDNESDAY ONLY. MDK's FIRST EVER BURGER! inspired by Nom Pang Sach. M’s California Bakery brioche bun, lemongrass (kroeung) infused 1/4 lb burger patty, mayonnaise, jalapeños, pickled carrots and radish, cilantro, side of fries, canned beverage of choice. Order on-line.

Multi Course Meal

Multi Course MealLittle La Lune$20

OPEN FOR BREAKFAST AND LUNCH ONLY. Pork Chitterlings On Rice - Deep Fried Pork Intestine, Kim Chi Khmer Style Tomato, Cucumber, Served with House Special Sauce. Plus Soup with Pork Bone. Plus Cambodian Donut with choice of Thai Iced Tea or Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk.

Multi Course Meal

Multi Course MealPhnom Penh Noodle Shack$20

OPEN FOR BREAKFAST AND LUNCH ONLY. One regular size Phnom Penh Noodles with small Rice Noodles. Options to have it soup in or dry style. PLUS One Long Bread PLUS one Special Drink. Choose from: - Ice Coffee - Thai Ice Tea - Egg Soda - Lime Soda - Plum Soda

Muli course meal

Muli course mealCyclonoodles$20

Thai Ice Tea - Crying Rare steak, with Dipping Kos Kong sauce, with fragrant white rice - Spring rolls, with Cambodian Herbs and fresh mint. Sweet Vinaigrette Dipping sauce with Cambodian spices and Thai chili peppers

$25 Specials

Multi Course Meal

Multi Course MealTasty Food to Go$25

Pad Thai, Yellow Curry, an Eggroll & Mango Sticky Rice for Dessert.

Multi Course Meal

Multi Course MealThe Rising Phoenix$25

Twah Koh Dog: Cambodian Longonisa, with toasted sweet bun, garlic Mayo, pickled daikon, dragon sauce, Phoenix sauce, and fresh Cilantro and Jalapeño slices Course 2 : Lemon Grass Angus Burger in a Cambodian Marinade & blend, char Sui bbq, pate de Mayo, bibb lettuce, tomato relish, pickled onions, citrus aioli, Curry Aioli on Golden Brioche bun Course 3: Cambodian Banana Fritter Sundae Fried battered Asian Banana, lychee, condense milk and chocolate caramel, Jackfruit & walnuts, ube crumbles, Vanilla bean ice cream

$40 Specials

Dinner for Two

Dinner for TwoUdom Khmer$40

Dinner for Two. Cambodian Dried Shrimp Green Papaya Salad with Sian Vinaigrette, Marinated Char Sui Prime Beef Skewers sreved with Chrouwk, Stir-fried Mary's Organic Chicken Cha Kreoung with Herbal Infused Kafir Lime and Basil, Lemongrass Paste and Trinity Vegetables. Served with fragrant Cambodian steamed rice.

Dinner for Two

Dinner for TwoSophy's Restaurant$40

Dinner for Two. Salmon ceviche with Crispy skin salad, Amok Curry fish, with Cambodian Veggies Prahok Ktiss, (fermented fish with pork and coconut Ktiss with Chinese Eggplants and string beans) Complimentary dessert in Banana leaf

Meal for Two

Meal for TwoChinitos Tacos$40

Five Street Tacos (choose Asada, Carnitas, Barbacoa, Shrimp or Vegetarian), Two appetizers (Brussel Sprout Salad plus Mexican Elote) plus Two House Drinks.